Calacatta Maximus


Encapsulating the revival of prominent Calacatta veining, Calacatta Maximus™ turns surfaces into graphic yet sophisticated and contemporary works of art.
Uniquely crafted, the surface terrain is a complex layer of authentic oversized soft grey and delicate copper veining atop a pure white base. Enhanced by its subtle natural finish Calacatta Maximus™ evokes the unique beauty of the mineral layers found in nature. The authentic detailing and directional strokes of Calacatta Maximus™ present an exceptional interpretation of how the organic nature of Marble captures history over time; its beauty igniting homes and commercial spaces with a dramatic visual effect.
The versatility of Calacatta Maximus enlivens minimal settings with glamour while pairing with brushed steel and chrome evokes a more refined style. Complimentary materials bring balance, while oak parquet flooring keeps the look understated, concrete instils an industrial ambience.