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At Uniq Stone, we take pride in our longstanding commitment to delivering high-quality stone benchtops throughout Adelaide. For many years, we have called South Australia our home and we are proud to be part of this vibrant community.

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Our alliance with overseas certified granite quarries and factories assures the delivery of exclusive, high-quality, and extensive options of granite slabs, tiles, and pre-fabricated kitchen countertops.

Granite Tiles

Granite is a light-colored igneous rock with grains large enough to be visible with the unaided eye. It forms from the slow crystallization of magma below Earth’s surface.

Granite is composed mainly of quartz and feldspar with minor amounts of mica, amphiboles, and other minerals. This mineral composition usually gives granite a red, pink, grey, or white color with dark mineral grains visible throughout the rock. Granite is nearly always massive (lacking any internal structures), hard and tough, and therefore it has gained widespread use throughout human history as a construction stone.

Granite is used to make many objects that we encounter in daily life. These include countertops, floor tiles, paving stone, curbing, stair treads, building veneer, and cemetery monuments.Most monuments are made from granite because of its:

• Durability
• Reasonable price
• Weathering and abrasion-resistant feature
• Ability to bear significant weight and can be polished to a shine
• Available in a wide range of colours

Imperial White Granite Natural Stone Uniq Stone


Sandstone is a coarse-grained sedimentary rock formed by the consolidation and compaction of sand and held together by a natural cement, such as silica, iron, lime etc. An extremely hard and tough material, it consists of consolidated masses of sand deposited by moving water or by wind & thus having different level of porosity, hardness & compressive strength.

The bright and contrasting colours in sandstones are the attributes of iron oxides, manganese oxides and other impurities present in it.

Sandstone is suitable for domestic and commercial use. Owing to their natural beauty, sandstones are used for interior as well as exterior decoration including flooring, paving, cladding walls and floors.

Dholpur Pink Sandstone Uniq Stone Adelaide Stone Surfaces Marble Natural Stone


Limestone is one of the most common types of rock found on the surface of the Earth and is a calcareous sedimentary rock composed of the mineral calcite (CaCO3), which upon calcination yields lime (CaO) for commercial use.

Limestone is a beautiful stone and is available in many different colors and shades ranging from white, cream, tones of blues, greys, tans, and even dark blacks, which occur when there is a high content of organic material.

Limestone has proven its use from simple treads and pavers to landscaping structures and bridges to soaring cathedrals.

Kota Blue Limestone Uniq Stone Tiles Adelaide

Tile Sizes

Finishes & Slab Sizes

Polished | Leather Honed | Giano | Flamed & Brushed | Sand Blasted | Water Jet | Bush Hammered

Custom Made Steps & Risers

Minimum 270 x 160cm
Maximum 340 x 200cm

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