Okite Italian Quartz Surfaces


Italian Quartz Surfaces

Okite - Italian Quartz

OKITE® Italian Quartz is well known for its ability to add the final elements to your kitchen design by providing a surface that is beautiful and durable. Its impeccable aesthetics and superior performance offer a kitchen countertop that is set to help build memories with your loved ones. Whether you are master cook or a chef in the making, OKITE® delivers the advantages you need and peace-of-mind for everyday life.

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Okite - Performance

A specially engineered surfacing material, OKITE® is created from the perfect combination of quartz polyester resin and natural pigments. The secret to OKITE’S strength and durability is quartz, one of the strongest element in the world. It’s strength makes it resistant to heat and scratches the careful selection of quartz, raw materials and their unique combination make OKITE® non-porous and highly resistant to staining.

Okite - Commercial

Thanks to its strength and versatility, OKITE® is the perfect material which can tastefully turn your projects and expressions into reality, from restaurants to hotels, cafés, kitchens, bathrooms, floors and much more. OKITE® perfectly matches with your needs and your customers’ demands, moreover it can also be used to give new life to historic buildings or develop avant-garde projects.

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